New airport nearing completion in Laos near Chinese casinos In the Golden Triangle

A new airport in the Golden Triangle Special Economic Zone of Laos is expected to begin operations late in 2022 (Vientiane Times). The cost of 175 million USD is being financed by Greater Bay Area & Investment, Hong Kong. Located close to the casinos popular with Chinese visitors operated by Kings Romans ,a Hong Kong company, it is expected to increase tourism in the area and revenue for the casinos. Located across the Mekong river from Chiang Saen in Thailand, the Special Economic Zone is a 99 year lease from the Laotian government to Kings Romans and is largely self governing. It's a city constantly expanding. The operator Wei Chao and his wife Su Guiqin are under USA sanctions for alleged illegal activities. The Thailand and Laos borders are open and the casinos accessible by boat and land.