Airport passengers warned departure lounge mistake could cost people £2,000

Millions of us will be counting down the days till we can finish that final bit before jetting off to the sunshine. And with 66 per cent of those enjoying an airport drink before take off, it won’t be long before social media feeds are flooded with snaps from the departure lounge.

But DIY and Tools Experts Saxton Blades has warned homeowners and tradespeople their airport selfies in the airport bar, and any other holiday snaps, could cost them thousands. They warn every 12 minutes in the UK a tool theft is reported.

Advertising that your home, shed or van is unwatched for an extended period greatly increases your chance of being one of the predicted 40,000 tool theft victims this summer, they warn. Under the terms and conditions of your insurance, not taking ‘reasonable’ measures - like showcasing your tan to your social media followers - could make your insurance completely invalid - and with the average shed being worth over £2,500 this could cost you .

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DIY and Tools Expert, Glen Allsopp of Saxton Blades of Saxton Blades, advised:” Everyone deserves a stress-free holiday after working hard to save up the cash to book the trip. We know people love to share their snaps straight away - especially if your co-workers are still working hard - but this simple act increases the risk of robbery and could invalidate your insurance with some providers.

"But our advice is to just wait until you get home to make your mates jealous - those Facebook likes aren’t worth risking thousands for.” To protect yourself, enlist your neighbours, transfer your expensive items from your van or shed indoors, install timers and even set up a WhatsApp.

Set up a WhatsApp group to share that selfie with your nearest and dearest, they have warned.