Airstrikes Hit Market and Near School, Killing Civilians in East Damascus Neighborhoods

Munitions fell on a market and near a school in towns in East Damascus, Syria, killing more than 10 people on October 29.

In Hamouria, multiple bodies lay on the street after an airstrike. People covered the bodies in blankets before lifting them on to stretchers.

In a second video from Hamouria, members of the White Helmet Civil Defense arrive at a street cart piled high with eggplants. Multiple injured people lay on the floor near by, and people work to carry them to the White Helmet ambulance.

The Syrian Network for Human Rights said shells killed eight people in Hamouria on October 29. Two of the people killed were journalists covering the artillery strikes, a local news outlet said.

In the neighboring town of Saqba, artillery shells killed three people, local media said. White Helmet volunteers carried the body of a man into a van in this video, and drove an injured child to get medical attention.

The White Helmets also responded to a school in Kafrbatna, where local media said airstrikes hit close to a school. In this video, children cry in distress at a school. Credit: Facebook/Civil Defense in Damascus via Storyful

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