Aisling Bea wears dressing gown on Jimmy Kimmel Live! after wardrobe disaster

Aisling Bea resorted to wearing a dressing gown and slippers while appearing on the US talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live! this week, after an airline lost her luggage.

Sharing various pictures of herself on the show in the outfit, which she got from the hotel she was staying in, the This Way Up star posted: “BA lost my luggage but luckily I was able to fashion an outfit for @JimmyKimmelLive from some items in the hotel.

“Just like Maria in The Sound of Music. OBSESSED TO MEET @SeanHayes who was guest-hosting this week. I had an excuse to touch him IRL, what a rush.”

On the show, Hayes – who was in stitches over the outfit – asked Bea: “What if I didn’t address it?”

“Oh, you have noticed then?” Bea replied. “That’s awkward.”

She added: “They lost my luggage on the way here. Yeah, from London. I went from London, they cancelled my flight, put me on a flight to Chicago, here, and the bags are just gone. Yeah, the bags are gone.”


Bea then pointed at an audience member, and jokingly yelled: “Wait now, that’s my top – do you have my luggage?!”

She continued: “And I’ve been travelling for 22 hours and the thought of trying to find anything… But luckily the hotel had this free dress just lying in the bathroom.”

Bea is currently promoting series two of her comedy This Way Up in the US. Read The Independent’s five-star review of the show here.