AJ Pritchard and Zara Zoffany split

AJ Pritchard and Zara Zoffany split credit:Bang Showbiz
AJ Pritchard and Zara Zoffany split credit:Bang Showbiz

AJ Pritchard and Zara Zoffany have split up.

The former 'Strictly Come Dancing' pro and the influencer are said to have called time on their romance, less than two months after they started dating.

The pair met while filming MTV show 'The Challenge' but a source claimed that Zara quickly grew "bored" of AJ, 28, and dumped him.

The source told The Sun newspaper: "AJ was totally smitten with Zara but as time went on she got bored of him.

"It was all very intense on 'The Challenge' and they fell for one another. But outside in the real world when they started dating it was all very different.

"Zara is really outgoing and she thought AJ had changed. She really wasn't happy and ended it."

The insider added: "AJ was hurt of course but it was for the best."

Meanwhile, AJ's former girlfriend, Abbie Quinnen, previously revealed he dumped her after she caught him texting another woman.

Abbie - who was left badly burned when a YouTube stunt went wrong in January 2021 - told The Sun on Sunday newspaper: “I’m completely devastated and my world has fallen apart.

“AJ isn’t the person I thought he was. After everything I went through with him I thought we would be together for ever. He has been the biggest disappointment to me."

Abbie insisted everything was normal until he flew out to South America for 'The Challenge'.

She said: “AJ was nervous about going away to film as he wasn’t able to prepare for it as much as other ones he had done like 'I’m A Celebrity' and 'Celebrity SAS'.

“Before he left we had a really emotional goodbye. We hugged for hours and shed tears.

“I knew we weren’t going to see each other for three weeks so I went on holiday with my family.

“At first we were FaceTiming every day, like normal, then he had the phone taken away from him to do the TV show....

“When he eventually got his phone back he seemed different. He wasn’t calling as much and seemed distracted."

It was then Abbie noticed he was messaging someone else, who she wouldn't name, and was horrified with his "cold" response when she called him out.

She continued: "Then I noticed he was on his phone quite a bit and that he was messaging a girl who had been on the show with him.

“I only caught a glimpse of the message but it was along the lines of, 'I need to talk to you, can we meet tomorrow?’

“I thought we were madly in love and in the space of a few hours he was messaging someone else and my world was turned upside down."