Al Pacino really didn't like filming The Godfather

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Who would have ever thought that anyone would have had doubts that The Godfather would be a hit?

Well, Al Pacino admitted that he thought the classic film was the "worst film ever made" while he was shooting it during a cast reunion at Tribeca Film Festival yesterday (April 29).

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Along with Pacino, director Francis Ford Coppola and stars Robert De Niro, James Caan, Robert Duvall, Diane Keaton and Talia Shire all took part in a panel to talk about the origins of the story.

The actor revealed he'd been under a lot of pressure with Paramount who didn't want him cast, making him do "countless" screen tests and ultimately he wasn't sure the role of Mafia boss Michael Corleone was for him.

"It seemed like I was always testing," Pacino said. "I was still testing after I got the part."

He said that, ultimately, his filming experience ended up with him breaking down to his co-star Diane Keaton after filming one night, telling her: "We're gone. It's over. This is the worst film ever made."

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However, Pacino wasn't alone when it came to pressure with the film as Coppola was having more casting nightmares.

The studio refused to let the director even bring up Marlon Brando's name for the film, believing him to be a financial liability.

"I fell on the floor in a faint," Coppola said, remembering the incident.

It's a good thing the director didn't listen to them really, because it went on to be known as one of the best films in movie history and easily one of the most quotable.

And you know, revenge is a dish best served cold, isn't it?

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