Alabama Family Reunites With Dog Missing for Two Years

An Alabama family was elated when they reunited with their lost dog after he went missing almost two years ago, viral video shows.

Karen Elleard captured her children’s tearful reunion when they greeted their long lost pooch Leroy as they hopped off the bus on January 9.

Video taken at their home in Daphne, just east of Mobile, shows Elleard and her husband groom Leroy and cut off inches of matted fur.

Speaking to Storyful, Elleard said that her now-7-year-old Coton de Tulear escaped out their back door in May 2021, prompting an exhaustive search effort around their community. After months of looking and posting on social media, the Elleard family told the microchip company to mark Leroy as “lost.”

Elleard received a call on Monday from the local animal shelter informing her that Leroy was found and identified by his microchip.

Elleard said that Leroy was “healthy, matted, and oh-so-happy to see us!” Credit: Karen Elleard via Storyful

Video transcript

KAREN ELLEARD: Hey, Leroy. Leroy. Hey, Leroy. Hey, buddy.

- Hello.





- Hey, guys.

- It looks like Leroy.

No, it's Leroy.

- No, it's Leroy.

- Leroy. Oh, my god.

- Look at the black spot he has.

- He's so happy. This is so-- oh. Hi.

Hold him. You are allowed to hold him. He just has really sharp claws. Careful though.

- Let's go [INAUDIBLE]

- Yo, we can't let them play together. Not yet.

- He has to get--