Alan Carr and David Walliams recreate Orlando and Katy's naked paddleboarding moment

Remember those frankly bizarre photos of Orlando Bloom paddleboarding in the buff that surfaced all those months ago?

Alan Carr and David Walliams as Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry/Heat Magazine

Now, those images of the British actor and his girlfriend Katy Perry were more than enough to put us off our breakfasts, but a new Heat magazine photoshoot paying homage to the baffling incident has managed to put us off food for WEEKS.

Heat has persuaded TV comics Alan Carr and David Walliams to replicate the shoot – although something tells us they probably didn’t need much in the way of persuading.

A proud-looking Alan plays the part (ahem) of Orlando, standing tall and propelling David, who’s doing a more than passable impression of Katy, through the water.

Heat Magazine Christmas Issue

“People need to understand Orlando had a quick tug before this when he saw the paps – I didn’t have that luxury,” the Chatty Man explained of the photoshoot.

David added: “Orlando’s a beautiful man and people love looking at his penis.”

Please, boys.

Those of you with long memories will remember it’s not the first time the pair have dressed up for the magazine’s Christmas issue. 40-year-old Alan once had a full Kim Kardashian makeover, donning a blonde wig and a tiny swimsuit for raunchy photoshoot.

David Walliams and Alan Carr/Rex Photos

“Dressing up as Kim Kardashian was on my bucket list,” he explained at the time. “So all I have to do now is swim with dolphins and I can die.”

Other celebrities who’ve raided Heat magazine’s dressing up box include Coleen Nolan and Andrea McLean, who appear as Donald and Melania Trump, Keith Lemon as Bridget Jones, and the EastEnders cast as Game Of Thrones characters. Now that we have to see.

The Heat Christmas issue is OUT NOW.