Alan Carr's DNA Journey Gaffe Involving His Dog Bev Could Not Be More Alan Carr

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Alan Carr nearly made a shock doggy discovery after a gaffe while preparing for his and Amanda Holden’s episode of DNA Journey.

The telly pals are set to explore their family history in the latest episode of ITV’s ancestry show, but there was an incident involving Alan’s dog Bev that threatened to eclipse anything else on the show.

The comedian has admitted that he thought it would be revealed he is related to a dog, after his pooch managed to get hold of his DNA testing kit and covered it in saliva.

Alan Carr  (Photo: Lia Toby via Getty Images)
Alan Carr (Photo: Lia Toby via Getty Images)

Alan told The Mirror : “It fell on the floor and Bev bit it for a second.

“I was really worried I was going to end up at some kennel club.”

Alan who has previously co-hosted Channel 4′s coverage of Crufts, added: “When we turned up at Crufts, I was a little surprised to meet my family.”

Amanda joked: “I thought you were going to be traced back to a wolf – or related to Kevin Costner in Dances With Wolves.”

Alan is teaming up with Amanda Holden on DNA Journey (Photo: Kieron McCarron/ITV)
Alan is teaming up with Amanda Holden on DNA Journey (Photo: Kieron McCarron/ITV)

Whatever Alan does discover on DNA Journey could prove to be worthy material for his new sitcom.

He recently revealed he is working with the makers of Gavin & Stacey on a new comedy about his childhood growing up in 1980s Northampton.

The search is currently on to find a child actor to play a young version of him, with Alan joking that auditionees need to “put your fake comedy teeth and glasses away”.

At the moment, the sitcom – which is Alan’s first foray into the genre – is still in the development stages, so has not yet been commissioned by a channel.

Alan Carr And Amanda Holden’s DNA Journey airs on Wednesday at 9pm on ITV.


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