Alan Carr’s Chatty Man: Paloma Faith Reveals Truth Over X Factor Offer And The Voice’s Move To ITV

Paloma Faith has revealed the truth behind the speculation that she had been offered a judge’s seat on The X Factor for the past two years running.

Appearing on the latest episode of Alan Carr’s Chatty Man, which aired on Thursday evening, the retro singer suggested that Simon Cowell casts his net wide when scouting talent for his ITV talent show and claimed that he ‘sniffs everybody’s bum’ (to put it nicely).


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During her previous appearance on Carr’s chat show, Paloma had discussed the possibility of being lined up for the 2015 series of the popular singing competition.

As the bespectacled presenter probed further on the matter, the 34-year-old’s memories seemed vague, as she responded: “What did I say? I don’t remember us discussing this but Simon Cowell sniffs everybody’s bum. No, I didn’t get offered The X Factor, but I do know Simon.”

Similarly, fellow The Voice coach Boy George addressed rumours about him being offered a position on The X Factor panel, explaining: “There were kind of conversations that never really became anything, you know, you get a lot of phone calls about possible things and I always fancied doing one of the shows.

“I always thought it would be great to get on one of those panels. You know, you sit at home and think, “I’d do a better job than that. They don’t know what they are talking about”, and then you do it and it’s a whole other thing.”


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Though he added that he is very happy as a mentor on the rival BBC singing contest because it is focused on making musicians out of the contestants.

The Karma Chameleon hit-maker also admitted that he was “gutted” that The Voice is moving over to ITV.

Speaking for the group, he said: “It’s a brilliant show and I think we are all kind of gutted that it is leaving the BBC. I’m gutted it’s leaving the BBC because it’s been so brilliant. I wish they had kept it.”

Paloma chimed in over her fears of the “unknown”, while Ricky Wilson appeared to have a more logical approach to the situation.

The Kaiser Chiefs frontman said: “I always have to think about my dad, and if ITV offered me a load of money I would say to my dad, “I didn’t want to do it because I didn’t think it was right” he would go, “You f**king what? Do it! And pay off your mortgage”.

So I might do it, if it would pay off my mortgage, yeah.”

Why not, eh?