Alan Partridge To Host His Own Chat Show?

Very exciting news just in: Steve Coogan has confirmed that he is in talks to host his own chat show in character as Alan Partridge.

How bloomin’ exciting is that?

The star unveiled the news when talking to Alan Carr on Chatty Man, and it sounds as though Al has even inspired the TV star when it came to the name…

Speaking on the show, Steve shared: “We might do a real chat show. Alan Partridge: Speaky Man.

"We might do a real one, with real guests. I don’t know. We are having a think about it.”

Copyright: Channel 4

Alan Partridge originally hosted a six-episode chat show called ‘Knowing Me, Knowing You’ on the BBC back in the 90s but his character ended up in regional radio despite his best efforts to convince the Beeb’s commissioning editor to give him another go.

Steve added: “Thing is we really want to make fun of the guests in a way that is a bit edgy. I interviewed Elton John once and made fun of his propensity of buying huge bouquets of flowers and being a gay ex pothead.

Copyright: BBC

"He was great. He wore his pink suit to look extra gay for us. It was nice.”

Steve is currently starring as Alan Partridge in Mid Morning Matters on Sky Atlantic, but hopefully we’ll be seeing a lot more of him soon…