'Alarming' sink hole opens up near York school

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A sink hole has opened up close to Huntington Primary Academy in York
A sink hole has opened up close to Huntington Primary Academy in York

AN 'alarming' sink hole has opened up close to a primary school in York.

City of York Council has sent out a letter to residents and businesses about a sink hole that's opened up close to Huntington Primary Academy in North Moor Road and The Old Village.

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In the letter the council's drainage manager, Derek Grant, says: "We appreciate the sink hole has been disruptive and alarming for everyone who works in the area.

"Yorkshire Water were first on the scene and carried out their own investigative works to determine the source of the problem.

"This has taken approximately two weeks, and though their works have been extensive, they've not been able to identify the cause of the collapse and sink hole.

"Excavation works are on-going to allow the council and Yorkshire Water to carry out further investigative work.

"The council has taken responsibility for the repairs and a specialist contractor will be carrying out deep investigation works from Monday, June 6. This alongside our own drainage engineer.

"This will identify why this has happened, how we can carry out repairs and stop a reoccurrence.

"Until the more detailed excavations have taken place, we will not be able to identify the exact timescales of repair, but we will keep you updated on progress.
Whilst we would have liked the works to be carried out sooner, this gives us the opportunity to better understand what is required and put all the necessary permanent measures in place.

"Our immediate priority throughout the works has been to ensure the safety of residents, particularly as the sink hole is so close to Huntington Primary Academy.

"We would like to reassure residents that the sink hole is enclosed with high steel fencing that has been extended to increase the safety margin around where the road has collapsed.

"This will be in place until the wider investigation work can be undertaken.
It is unlikely the void will expand much further prior to the planned excavation works and it appears to be a surface water issue rather than a foul sewerage matter.

"All access via the junction at the Working Men’s Club will be closed for the duration of the works for safety reasons. Access into and out of the Old Village will continue to be at the junction with North Moor Road.

"We appreciate there is a lot of inconvenience, and we are working with Yorkshire Water to keep any disruption to a minimum.

"I will be monitoring the works on site, but should you wish to discuss this work in further detail, please do not hesitate to contact me at the email address or telephone number provided above."

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