Aldi brings back 'amazing' miracle cream that's 'just like' Elizabeth Arden's cult classic

-Credit: (Image: Aldi/Clarion Communications)

Aldi has heralded the comeback of a 'fantastic' moisturiser that's a must-have for every skincare fanatic.

The wallet-conscious grocery giant has revived its affordable Lacura Miracle Cream, with customers praising it as akin to Elizabeth Arden's famous Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant.

Beauty enthusiasts are in for a treat as the praised moisturiser is currently up for grabs in stores across the UK. Shoppers can loosen their purse strings, as Lacura's Miracle Cream (50ml) comes with an easy-on-the-pocket price tag of just £4.49.

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Customers stand to save an impressive 86% (£26.51) when compared to purchasing Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant, which retails at £31. The Lacura Miracle Cream is specially formulated to deliver long-lasting 'soothing and protection' for your skin, fortified with anti-inflammatory properties, while also shielding your skin from the 'drying effects of wind and air conditioning'.

It can also come into play to help soften chapped lips and dry cuticles. The moisturiser holds a special place among beauty enthusiasts, with shoppers singing praises about the "amazing" product.

Instagram users such as @beauty_glow_girl have shared their experiences: "I have also tried the Lacura Miracle Cream £4.49 before but liked it much better this time. I used it specifically on my lips this time which have been very dry this month and it was instant hydration. This worked amazingly.", reports Wales Online.

For comparison, Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant is a skincare formula that was created back in 1930 by the brand's namesake to help soothe and protect skin. This moisturiser can be used in eight different ways, including soothing dry hands and irritation, giving a luminous glow to cheeks as a highlighter, treating windburn, hydrating nails and cuticles, and even helping to groom eyebrows.

Lacura’s Miracle Cream (50ml) is available in Aldi stores across the UK now.