Aldi brings back 'top tier' crisps - but not all shoppers are thrilled

Shopper packing his bags at Aldi
-Credit: (Image: Bloomberg via Getty Images)

Aldi's most divisive crisp flavour has made a comeback to the shelves, and customers are hailing them as 'incredible'.

The budget-friendly supermarket has recently reintroduced the much-talked-about snacks for a limited period as part of their 'special buys' range. While many fans are already demanding that they become a 'permanent fixture', there are some who remain sceptical about the unique taste.

Retailing at £1.09 for a 150g bag, the Specially Selected Garlic Bread Crinkle Cut Crisps (yes, you read that right, garlic bread) first appeared last summer but have been absent since. However, the crisps are making a temporary return along with two other flavours: Pizza Margherita and Nduja Spiced.

"Aldi's distinctive garlic bread crisps are back due to popular demand," announced the supermarket giant. "In a combination that Peter Kay would applaud, the nation's most affordable supermarket has fused two beloved foods, garlic bread and crisps, to produce a delicious snack."

The crisps gained viral fame after well-known TikTok user Jack Eats Everything discovered them in-store. In a recent video, the food enthusiast exclaimed: "So thrilled these are now available in Aldi. Can't wait to sample some tomorrow! " At the time of writing, his post has garnered an impressive 11,000 views and over 100 comments.

However, it's evident not everyone will be eager to grab another pack. One shopper praised the crisps, saying: "Top tier crisp these," and "[They] remind me of those rock-hard mini garlic bread crisps from many years ago."

Another concurred, stating: "They're pretty good. And actually tastes like garlic BREAD. Baguette and all. It's a weird experience." A third simply labelled them as 'incredible'.

However, not everyone was impressed with the new flavour. Some commenters were quite critical, describing them as 'disgusting'.

One person vented: "No, they're awful. They're not good, I promise," while another remarked: "That's just garlic flavour then - because bread has no definable flavour." A third simply expressed their distaste with a succinct: "Yuk! ".