Aldi drops chocolate product as fans say 'I loved them'

-Credit: (Image: PA)
-Credit: (Image: PA)

Chocolate-lovers are devastated after one of their favourites was discontinued by Aldi. The bargain supermarket giant said it was dropping the coconut flavour of the Dairyfine Spirals as part of a regular review - but it was much to the dismay of its legion of fans.

Aldi has officially confirmed that it will no longer stock the flavour - although other Spirals will be on offer. An Aldi spokesperson commented: "We continually review our range of products to make sure we're meeting the needs of Aldi shoppers."

Earlier in the year, concerns were raised by customers over the potential disappearance of the coconut bar from store shelves. In the Aldi UK Shoppers Facebook group, Dani Norris posted: "Hey guys does anyone know if Aldi still sell the coconut spirals? Does anyone know anything similar if not?"

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Responding to the query, Lucy Kate said: "I haven't seen them in a while I love these! I think they are extremely popular."

Tracy Rayner also chimed in to inform fellow Aldi enthusiasts that the product was out of stock, which led to a frustrated response from the community.

Despite the removal of the coconut variety, Aldi continues to offer the chocolate and hazelnut versions of the Spirals.

A spokesperson for Aldi said: “We continually review our range of products to make sure we’re meeting the needs of Aldi shoppers.”