Aldi expert says there are three red wines you should always buy - and they're all under £10

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-Credit: (Image: Luke Flunder/TikTok)

If you're in Aldi's wine aisle and are unsure whether to opt for a familiar label or take a chance on an unknown one, wine expert Luke Flunder has some advice. He suggests forgetting preconceptions about brands and regions and tasting different bottles, some of which are ideal for barbecues.

Despite the commonly held belief that Bordeaux signifies quality, Luke argues that other wines at Aldi may provide better value for money. Having built up a significant following for his wine tips on platforms like Instagram and TikTok, he advises trying Malbecs that have "a purple glow" and "coat your mouth like a chocolate bar".

Flunder insists that value doesn't equate to compromising on quality. In fact, none of his recommended wines exceed £10, reports Wales Online.. Some of them, he claims, "deliver more than a cargo ship."

As seen on his TikTok videos, Luke reviews various wines from across the globe and offers suggestions on, what he considers, the best choices from Aldi. He explains that opting for bargains from renowned regions doesn't always guarantee the finest glass of wine for your money.

Here are his top picks - three Aldi wines that deliver far beyond their price range and all under £10. Namely, Specially Selected Ventoux Rouge (£8.49), Animus Douro Reserva (£6.99), and Primitivo di Manduria (£9.99).

The wine connoisseur shared his thoughts on the wines: "Ventoux is from a region not far from Chateauneuf-du-Pape and has similar qualities. Pair it with your burger. Animus Douro Reserva is plump and ripe. Primitivo di Manduria has a slightly sweet edge that's going to bring out all that butane burner's goodness."

Luke then moved on to discuss other wines, explaining what he avoids and what he looks for. His choices might surprise you.

"This is what goes through my mind when I am buying wines from somewhere like Aldi," says Luke, holding up a bottle of Bordeaux.

"I avoid low priced wines from big, notorious regions, They are just going to be very generic, in my opinion. So, instead I am looking at wines from regions not we associate with value, but the higher priced option. So this Primitivo di Manduria (£9.99) fits the bill for that exactly."

"Secondly, I am going for grapes or regions I have never heard of before, because I think the wine buyers are going to pay a bit more attention to details to make those choices work. Lastly, I am going for grapes that aren't associated with that country or region.... you are thinking again that the wine buyer has had to choose that extra carefully."

Luke provides additional advice on what to seek when buying Malbec at Aldi - or anywhere else. He specifies how it should look and taste.

About the Trivento Private Reserve from Aldi, he explains: "Does it have a purple glow to it? Unfortunately not. Does it coat your mouth like a chocolate bar? It does more than the normal Trivento but really lacking in body.."

"A good Malbec should have a purple glow to it. A good Malbec should coat your mouth like a chocolate bar."

His insights reveal why certain wines should feel like chocolate in your mouth and why price and famed regions don't always guarantee the best quality. For more valuable pointers on which wines to order at Wetherspoon, Nandos and Pizza Express, according to a wine expert, click here.