Aldi Finally Seems To Be Doing Something About Its Outdated Website

Aldi logo on smartphone in small shopping cart
Aldi logo on smartphone in small shopping cart - rafapress/Shutterstock

Big news: Aldi is in the process of a website overhaul. A brand-new Aldi website is now available to peruse, and while the original site is still up and functional, eager shoppers can already poke through the new one to see what's in store.

The new Aldi website features a slightly sleeker, more modern design, though with similar imagery and navigation options. (Don't worry, the Weekly Ads link is still right there for all your bargain-hunting needs!). The biggest change? You can now shop directly from the Aldi site rather than doing your online groceries through an Instacart tool or other third-party apps. The store offers both delivery and pickup options, though delivery may depend on your location and proximity to a participating store.

The new site also features a better search function, as well as an interface that displays the price of every product — which is huge news for anyone trying to pre-plan a grocery list or shop within a budget. While there may be some differences between online and in-store pricing, it's still an incredibly useful tool to help estimate costs, check availability, and more.

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Steps Toward A Better Online Shopping Experience

Aldi sign against cloudy sky
Aldi sign against cloudy sky - Ken Wolter/Shutterstock

While Aldi's previous site certainly got the job done and did serve as a portal to view local weekly specials, sign up for newsletters, and more, customers noticed that some elements were outdated or lacking. Aldi shoppers have complained in the past about the state of the store's online shopping experience, especially due to the fact that contacting the store is nearly impossible.

Aldi locations don't have public phone numbers, partially due to the lack of employees hired to work the lines. By employing fewer people to run the stores, the chain can sell its products at an even deeper discount. So, if something went wrong with a customer's online order along the line, it was difficult to get in contact with anyone who could help.

Time will tell whether this new online shopping model will be easier to navigate than going through Instacart, but being able to browse groceries and then send them to your cart at the single press of a button certainly is convenient. If you don't like the change or prefer the original site for other reasons, it's still currently up and useable — though for how long, we're not sure.

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