Aldi launches new £4 travel mug to rival viral £45 Stanley Quencher Cup

Stanley Quencher tumblers
-Credit: (Image: Getty Images)

Aldi has just announced a fresh batch of summer must-haves arriving in its celebrated middle aisle this week, and shoppers are already buzzing about one item in particular.

The supermarket giant took to its official Aldi Specialbuys UK Instagram page with a new video, in which is revealed it will be launching a budget-friendly rival to the viral Stanley Quencher cup.

Currently up for grabs as a Specialbuy is the Outdoor Insulated Large Mug, retailing at a mere £4.49. With Aldi's thrifty version, customers stand to save upwards of £40. However, as with any Specialbuys, speed is of the essence; once they're sold out, that's it.

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The post on Aldi's Instagram was captioned: "Get your hands on our new range of seasonal summer goodies in this week's middle aisle. They are sure to keep your green thumbs busy."

The Stanley Quencher H2.0 Flowstate Tumbler became a social media sensation last year, turning into the go-to drinkware across TikTok, where it's listed at £44.99 on the official website, reports Wales Online. Eager fans have taken to the comments section to express their excitement. Kattdiv commented: "I love all of it but my wallet doesn't."

While Vipan.sandhu. 96 shared: "Love it. Amazing mug."

In addition to the Outdoor Insulated Large Mug, Aldi is also offering a Small Mug and Bottle, each priced at £4.49. The product description invites you to: "Enjoy your favourite drink no matter the location with this Crofton Travel hydration range. Keep your beverage at the perfect temperature for you as you head about your daily adventures."

In addition to the Outdoor Insulated Large Mug, other fresh additions include the Alfresco Bloom Glass Block Candle (£3.99), Garden Breeze Glass Block Candle (£3.99), Tranquil Oasis Glass Block Candle (£3.99), Disco Ball Novelty Party Lights (£4.99), Umbrella Novelty Party Lights (£4.99), Flamingo Novelty Party Lights (£4.99), Cocktail Glass Novelty Party Lights (£4.99), and the brand-new Wine Holder (£8.99).