The Aldi Le Creuset Roasting Pan Copycat That Won't Hurt Your Wallet

Crofton cast iron oval roaster
Crofton cast iron oval roaster - Alison Sanchez / Facebook

Many shoppers consider Aldi a destination for extra discounts on essential groceries and home goods. The chain is also giving luxury cookware brands a run for their money with the introduction of the Crofton cast iron oval roaster. With a striking resemblance to Le Creuset's signature oval baking dish, this is the kind of deal that may have Aldi fans lining up just in time for holiday feasts. Aldi's Crofton dish retails for $16.99, while Le Creuset's oval baker costs $210, a savings of around $193 (not counting taxes and possible shipping fees).

The Crofton cast iron oval roaster is listed in the Aldi finds for the week of November 1 through November 7. Keep in mind that the German chain's finds, which are popular items available at reduced prices, typically don't hang around for very long. New finds come in each week, which means the store only orders enough to last for a short time. Additionally, these items tend to sell out rather quickly. That means those interested may want to visit their nearest Aldi promptly if they intend to get their hands on the cookware.

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How Does The Crofton Roaster Stand Up To The Original?

Aldi storefront
Aldi storefront - Alan Morris/Getty Images

While Aldi's apparent rendering of the Le Creuset oval baker is far more affordable, many shoppers would love to know how the two cookware pieces actually compare. Le Creuset's signature oval baker is available in five colors to ensure a perfect match with kitchen décor. The dish holds about four servings and measures 3 quarts. It's also dishwasher safe and can withstand oven temperatures as high as 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

As for the Crofton roaster, Aldi shoppers can choose between two colors, which are white and blue. The interior of the cookware measures roughly 14 by 10 inches, while Le Creuset's dish is approximately 17 by 10 inches. It's unclear whether the Crofton cookware is dishwasher safe, so washing by hand is probably the safest option. And while the dish doesn't have the same resistance to high temps as the Le Creuset baker, a temperature threshold of 482 degrees Fahrenheit is certainly respectable.

Le Creuset's baker obviously has a few advantages, but the exorbitant price tag definitely isn't compatible with everyone's budget. Aldi's cookware is an attempt to offer customers a quality alternative while going easy on their wallets.

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