Aldi shoppers love 'refreshing' 99p cocktail-inspired beer range

A customer fills his shopping basket with two bottles of Bombardier Burning Gold beer, brewed by Wells & Young's Brewing Company Ltd., inside an Aldi supermarket store in London, U.K., on Monday, June 29, 2015. The growth of Aldi and fellow German-owned discounter Lidl has changed the British grocery landscape over the last five years. Photographer: Jason Alden/Bloomberg via Getty Images
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Aldi shoppers have showered the budget supermarket with praise as it launches a new collection of beer. If you’re after a cooling beer with a refreshing twist this summer, Aldi has welcomed new cocktail-inspired beverages to its shelves that promise to not break the bank.

Available in stores across the country, beer fans can find Aldi’s must-try tropical tinnies for just 99p. Among the new selection of beers are Taurus Pina Colada Flavoured Cider, Taurus Passion Fruit Martini Flavoured Cider and Taurus Passion Fruit Martini Flavoured Cider.

As National Pina Colada Day has been and gone, Aldi’s Taurus Pina Colada Flavoured Cider (£0.99, 330ml) is sweet and creamy with pineapple alongside rich coconut flavours. The Taurus Passion Fruit Martini Flavoured Cider (£0.99, 330ml) promises hints of citrus and floral notes, transporting you to a tropical paradise with every sip. Serve cold over ice with a fresh slice of passion fruit or a wedge of lime.

And one of its very newest releases, the Taurus Raspberry Mojito Flavoured Cider (£0.99, 330ml) offers the tangy taste of ripe raspberries and a hint of zesty fresh mint. The burst of flavourings tantalise the taste buds and offers a cool respite on a hot summer’s day.

These cocktail-inspired drinks join the likes of Taurus Blood Orange Cider, The Hop Foundry Peach on The Beach Flavour Pale Ale, The Hope Foundry Passion Fruit Martini Flavour Pale Ale, Strawberry Daiquiri Flavour Pale Ale , and the Taurus Island’s Premium Apple Cider to tingle your taste buds this summer.

Fans of the supermarket couldn’t help but share their praise for the twist on classic drinks. In a post uploaded to its Instagram page, Aldi UK wrote: “Raise a toast to the weekend with our new Taurus Cocktail Cans, available in a Raspberry Mojito, Passion Fruit Martini & Pina Colada flavour - which ones will you be picking up? Pick up from the Specialbuys aisle now!”

Amanda_unwin said: “Bought some yesterday, pina colada one is great.”

Sarahinwinchester added: “Loved the passionfruit one.” And Mrsp_home4 said: “Picked mine up today, the raspberry mojito is lovely, so refreshing.”

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