Is Aldi's deal on a Dyson handheld vacuum cleaner its best offer yet?

It’s famous for its legendary bargains, and Aldi hasn’t let you down with its latest ‘Specialbuy’.

The latest special item on offer at the German supermarket chain is a Dyson handheld hoover.

And while it retails in some places for over £200, Aldi is selling it for half that, at £99.99

Bargain – Aldi’s latest amazing offer is a Dyson handheld hoover (Picture: Aldi)

The vacuum cleaner, dubbed the “perfect handheld vacuum”, was described as one of the must-have items in the run-up to Christmas.

It is apparently up to three times faster than conventional motors, has twice the suction of other handhelds and even has a “boost mode” for more difficult tasks.

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While it is possible to get the gadget from some other retailers at a similar price, in others it sells for up to £219.

Aldi ran a similar offer in Australia before Christmas, sparking fury by customers who missed out as they criticised the chain for not having enough stock.

Many said the shopping frenzy saw the vacuums sell out within 30 seconds of the store opening and some customers threatened to boycott the chain.

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