Alert Ashton Kutcher! Forever 21 Is Selling VonDutch Trucker Hats

(Photo: Forever 21)

Forever 21 will drag everyone back to the early 2000’s even if mass kicking and screaming commences. The brand is trying to sell customers Von Dutch trucker hats as if there aren’t already three gathering dust in the back of my closet underneath a Gap hoodie, a mood ring, and 35 spaghetti strap tank tops. Some customers may be too young to remember a pre-Ibiza DJing Paris Hilton and That 70’s Show-era Ashton Kutcher, but those who grew up back in simpler times (like when The Simple Life was on TV), know exactly how long it’s taken to leave these boxy, mesh monstrosities in the past. Trucker hats, you are not welcome in 2017.

Old school trends from TV reboots to Lisa Frank have resurged in recent years. The idea of nostalgia has descended so deeply into fashion that Forever 21 even sells socks printed with 90s era cell phones. The last time Von Dutch was trendy, Brie Larson was 13-years-old.

Forever 21 probably noticed that Kylie Jenner, who is young enough to have missed this trend the first time around, spent a few days last year trying to make Von Dutch happen again. If even the teen who claims to have “started wigs” failed to raise trucker hats from the dead, then let’s just all agree to keep them buried.

In a more valiant trendsetting attempt, Jenner even ditched the hat and wore an all-Von Dutch ensemble. Yet if one item of clothing from the ’90s would make a real come back, it would obviously Juicy sweatpants. (And yes, Khloe Kardashian and Urban Outfitters are both already on it.)

Kutcher, who wore trucker hats when he was still just punking celebrity friends with his sidekick Dax Sheppard (my how things have changed), might be the most prominent name associated with Von Dutch hats, but early tabloid celebrity mainstays like Justin Timberlake, Tyra Banks, Geri Halliwell and Lindsay Lohan all embraced the trend as well. Hindsight, of course, makes it easy to make fun of everyone who jumped on the bandwagon. In all fairness, it may not be so easy to look back on the current trend of cropped, wide-leg and totally unflattering pants in a few decades either.

Yahoo Style has reached out to Forever 21 to ask simply why and how this resurgence is happening, and will update if we hear back.

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