Alert cops rescue man dragged along after falling while boarding a moving train in northern India

Alert cops of the Railway Protection Force (RPF) came to the rescue of a man who slipped and fell while boarding a moving train in northern India's Bihar. The incident reportedly happened on platform number two of Jhajha railway station on January 5. Visuals showed the man stuck inside the gap between the train (number 18184) and the platform and he was being dragged along by the vehicle. Constables Gopal Kumar and Deepak Kumar immediately rushed to his rescue and pulled him out. Later on, the victim, who was identified as a 43-year-old named Mubarak Ali, was revealed to have suffered injuries to his leg. His family members and the Designated Medical Officer (DMO) were informed and he DMO came to Jhajha station to treat him, after which Mubarak's father Jalil and brother Israel took him away.