Alert railway guards save elderly man who fell while boarding moving train in eastern India

A chilling moment caught on a CCTV camera shows a 60-year old man fall from a moving train while attempting to board in the east Indian state of Bihar.

The incident took place on January 12 in the small town of Gaya, located in the state’s Magadha region.

Visuals, captured by the surveillance camera, show a man trotting alongside a moving train.

He is seen scanning the compartment of the locomotive through the windows and then quickly jogs towards the door.

While boarding the moving train, his foot slips and he falls down on the edge of the platform near the railway track.

The two RPF officials present on the scene immediately move him away from the tracks as commuters gather after watching the almost horrifying scene.

According to the reports, the Ministry of Railway also issued a warning on its twitter handle regarding the incident.