Alesha Dixon Set For Huge Windfall After Missing Out On Over 10 Years Of Mis-Teeq Money

It’s a pretty good time to be Alesha Dixon right now.

With filming about to start on the latest series of Britain’s Got Talent, judge Alesha Dixon is now also set to receive an absolutely MASSIVE payout from her time in Mis-Teeq.

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A Seven-figure sum of money is said to be landing in Alesha’s account after over ten years of Mis-Teeq royalties due to her went unpaid.

The band were a huge success in the 2000’s, achieving three top ten 2x Platinum albums and seven consecutive top ten singles.

Apparently, the result of an ‘admin error’ after their label went bust in 2004, Sabrina Washinton, Su-Elise Nash and Alesha missed out on over half their money.

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Speaking to The Sun, a source said: “Mis-Teeq have only been paid half of their earnings from the last ten years.

“They were paid the majority of the publishing side but not for the physical records and various other endeavours. There is a huge amount of money waiting for them. It is well into the millions.

“For their biggest hit alone, Scandalous, they are owed more than £1million because of its use in an Armani advert.

“No one is suggesting any malice is involved.

“The money got lost purely due to various administrative errors.

“As it was so long ago now it has been difficult to find those involved in the original deals.

“But hopefully it shouldn’t be long before the girls get the money they are owed. There is a big battle ahead.”