Alex Cole-Hamilton makes embarrassing gaffe on major independence poll

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Alex Cole-Hamilton has made an embarrassing Twitter gaffe about a major new survey
Alex Cole-Hamilton has made an embarrassing Twitter gaffe about a major new survey
The National:
The National:

MATHS may not be everybody’s strongest point but The Jouker expects that most people have an understanding of the basics.

Maybe that’s too big an assumption though, as Alex Cole-Hamilton’s embarrassing Twitter post about the latest figures regarding support for independence shows.

The British Social Attitudes Survey found that 52% of those asked believe Scotland should be an independent nation.

Last night, before The National's article on the survey was even published, Cole-Hamilton was so keen to get his point across he forgot to get his facts right.

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Re-tweeting the front page, he said: “Or alternatively: ‘Lads, a year ago we were 2 points ahead!’

“I don’t know what this is but it isn’t journalism."

It’s hard to tell what exactly the Scottish LibDem leader actually believes journalism is in that case, given the story has been picked up by several outlets.

On top of that, even if this poll was conducted on a purely Yes vs No basis, which it was not, the politician’s maths still doesn’t seem right.

Again, The Jouker is no Albert Einstein but surely holding 52% of a Yes vs No vote would leave you four points ahead rather than two.

And who exactly are the “lads” he is referring to?

The National Centre for Social Research which conducted the survey makes use of the “gold standard” of random probability sampling.

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This means everyone is ensured of having an equal chance of being picked to take part so we’d like to think it has a greater reach than just the “lads”.

Twitter users were quick to pounce on Cole-Hamilton with one describing the tweet as “a new level of desperation”.

Another replied: “Maybe you would prefer the same story from other newspapers.”

To paraphrase Cole-Hamilton’s own tweet, The Jouker doesn't know what he’s on about, but it certainly isn’t correct.