Alex Jones issues major life update as she says 'I don't know myself'

BBC presenter Alex Jones
-Credit: (Image: BBC)

Welsh TV presenter Alex Jones has shared a huge life update with her Instagram followers, and how she is feeling emotional about it. In a personal video, Alex explained to her 355,000 followers what was going on in her life and how she was managing to organise everything,

Walking around her home, she is filmed by someone else in the video she has posted online, where she has announced that she is moving house in three weeks time. She said: "“We are actually moving house - so - in three weeks time."

Showing one of the cupboard spaces in her current home, she added: "This is danger, danger in here because sometimes things fall on top of you." For the latest TV & Showbiz news, sign up to our newsletter

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Speaking about how she was finding the process, the One Show host added: "I’m finding it a little bit emotional." Going through one of the boxes she was sorting out, Alex also shared some heartwarming old family items which had sentimental value.

Showing some of the contents of a box, she told the camera: "This one - children memory box, baby book - photos of when they were little and things like this." She even found her old birth certificate, as she rifled through the bits and pieces, and pointed out that the hospital had actually got her name wrong.

The TV sensation said: "Female infant of Charlotte Alex Jones. That’s not actually my name. The hospital got it wrong. Charlotte Alexandra Thompson is my actual name." Continuing to go through the contents, she exclaimed: "It takes me a long time because when I start looking at things and just enjoying them."

Pulling out a card her son had made for her baby, she read: "“Hello baby sister I'm so happy… oh my god I can’t I’m going to cry, I’m your big brother- Zab." Pausing, she added: "We don’t have a child called Zab."

Alex also showed off her "car boot items", pointing out several of her possessions to the camera including a Julie Donaldson CD and a tea cosy, where she stumbled on her words - noting: “I reckon £50- not £50, 50p for that.

She then showed some mug coasters from the box and said: “Not me. I think my mother-in-law bought that.” Alex also went through a party box and added: “I don’t know myself. For the first time in my life, I know where things are. So yeah, it’s good. It feels cleansing. It feels quite emotional as well."