Alex Jones reveals the name of her newborn daughter

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Watch: Alex Jones reveals daughter's baby name while breastfeeding live on The One Show

TV presenter Alex Jones has revealed her daughter has been named Annie.

She announced the name of the baby, who is her third child, during an appearance on The One Show.

The 44-year-old said last month that she had given birth to the girl.

The One Show host, who appeared on Wednesday’s programme via video call, already has two children, Teddy and Kit, with her insurance broker husband Charlie Thomson.

Jones has previously said she and her husband plan not to have any more children for environmental reasons.

But in March on The One Show, she revealed they had received “some really unexpected news” over lockdown and were expecting a baby girl.

Jones and Thomson tied the knot at Cardiff Castle in 2015 in a ceremony that featured both English and Welsh.

In 2017, Jones welcomed her first child, Teddy, at the age of 39, and in May 2019 she gave birth to a boy named Kit.

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