Alex Jones says he'd kill and cook his neighbours to feed his kids

If society collapses, Alex Jones says he would kill and cook his neighbours to feed his children: Infowars
If society collapses, Alex Jones says he would kill and cook his neighbours to feed his children: Infowars

In an unhinged rant on his InfoWars radio show, notorious conspiracy theorist Alex Jones described in detail how he would kill and eat his neighbours to feed his children.

In a segment from his 28 April show: ‘MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Coronavirus Panic Triggers Global Collapse’, the controversial radio host said: “You know what, I’m ready. My daughters aren’t starving to death. I’ll eat my neighbours.”

He then explains in graphic detail how he would go about doing so.

A one minute-long edited segment of the show was posted to Twitter by Jones’ ex-wife Kelly Jones, with whom he has battled in court for custody of their three children.

Ms Jones tweeted: “This is my ex-husband, Alex Jones, graphically describing how he'll kill his neighbor to f e e d my kids: Homicidal. Terrifying.”

“I lost my kids for tweeting about injustice. This is UNJUST to my kids. This is a mom's worst nightmare. Court must act,” she added, before asking for retweets to further her cause.

The Joneses divorced in March 2015, and in 2017 Ms Jones sought sole or joint custody of the children due to her husband’s behaviour — he has a history of wild conspiracy theories and on-air rants. Ms Jones says that he is “not a stable person.”

Mr Jones’ lawyer, Randall Wilhite, said at the time that Alex Jones is a performance artist: “He’s playing a character.”

Ms Jones won joint custody, and in March 2020 launched a further custody case for the two younger children following Mr Jones’ arrest for driving under the influence of alcohol.

In Tuesday’s show Mr Jones clarifies that he would starve to death before resorting to cannibalism, but that his children are his weak spot.

Having said “for the courts” that he is joking and isn’t going to eat anybody, he later adds: “Oh I’m a performance artist, like they say. Alex Jones isn’t real, everybody knows I’m as fake as they come.”

Were Mr Jones to be serious, there is some solace for his neighbours — he only sees a 60 per cent chance of the kind of collapse of society that might lead him to “chop ‘em up”, and he has a few years’ worth of food stored away to get through first.

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