Alex Jones smashes drone with sword during Amazon rant

Josh Marcus
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A US regulator has approved Amazon testing of 30-minute delivery flights
A US regulator has approved Amazon testing of 30-minute delivery flights

Midway through his Friday show, Alex Jones, the far-right conspiracy theorist, was starting to sound like a mainstream critic of Big Tech, as he fretted about the privacy implications of Amazon’s latest home device, a drone home security camera that flies around indoors.

“The question is, who is in control of that technology?” Jones said. “It’s not you over a drone looking over your house, that’s just part of it. It’s big tech that’s proven they abuse your privacy and use that information against you.”

Then he pulled out a sword. In a staged moment, a (non-Amazon) drone buzzed towards him on set, which he dutifully chopped down.

“We are in charge of this planet,” Jones screamed into camera. “Not the globalists. Not their machines. To Jeff Bezos, and all the globalist technocrats, and Tim Cook, and their slave camps in China, and all their evil they try to cover up with Black Lives Matter, Marxism, and the cop-killing, I say to you, ‘Your technocracy is dead on arrival.’”

Amazon’s home devices have been implicated in a number of privacy scandals, including the 2019 revelation that thousands of Amazon employees listened to voice recordings that arrived through the company’s Alexa virtual assistant, as well as the fact that Amazon enlisted police departments to use and promote its Ring doorbell cameras.

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