Alex Murdaugh’s lawyers ask to remove murder trial judge from his other cases

Lawyers for convicted murderer Alex Murdaugh have asked for the removal of the judge in his other cases.

Murdaugh’s legal team filed a motion in the South Carolina Supreme Court to have Circuit Court Judge Clifton Newman taken off any cases associated with the disgraced lawyer.

Murdaugh has filed a motion for a new trial over the brutal killings of his son and wife and still faces state charges of financial crimes.

Judge Newman presided over Murdaugh’s murder trial for the slayings of Maggie and Paul Murdaugh, for which he was convicted and sentenced to life.

The court filing cites comments the judge made to the media in the wake of the high-profile murder trial upon its conclusion in March.

The judge discussed his thoughts on Murdaugh’s guilt and the strategy of his legal team, the filing states.

Lawyers for Murdaugh claim that the judge cannot be impartial in future legal hearings.

Judge Clifton Newman (2022 The State Media Company)
Judge Clifton Newman (2022 The State Media Company)

Their motion for a new trial in the murder case is based on a claim that Colleton County Clerk of Court Rebecca Hill tampered with the jury.

They allege that three jurors say Ms Hill told them not to trust Murdaugh when he testified in the case in his own defence. Murdaugh’s attorneys say that the judge may know of the clerk’s conduct.

Earlier this month the South Carolina Court of Appeals agreed to put his appeal in the case on hold while his lawyers filed a motion for a new trial.