Alex Reid and Nikki Manashe expecting twins

Alex Reid and Nikki Manashe expecting twins credit:Bang Showbiz
Alex Reid and Nikki Manashe expecting twins credit:Bang Showbiz

Alex Reid and his fiancee Nikki Manashe are expecting twins.

The 47-year-old reality TV star and influencer Nikki, 36 - who welcomed daughter Anastasia in 2021 after a seven-year IVF battle - were shocked to discover that Nikki is pregnant with non-identical twins after she had two embryos implanted during her latest round of treatment.

Nikki told MailOnline: "It's crazy a woman, who was told 'you probably won't be able to have children', and has had fertility struggles is now going to be a mum-of-three.

"We were just absolutely shocked to be honest. I know people will say well how can you be shocked because you had embryos put in? but Anastasia was a twin as well and we lost her twin really early on in pregnancy.

"It's still early days, everything is going so perfectly. Both of them healthy, their growing how they should be. We're super, super excited and we're going to have a crazy busy household."

Nikki previously suffered an ectopic pregnancy and had six miscarriages before falling pregnant with Anastasia.

She said: "I had the most horrific PTSD. I didn't leave the house at some points. It's in my bones to be a mum.

"I'm so maternal. Having so much loss from my Mum and all these miscarriages. It was such a dark, sad place.

"I did lose hope, but there was something in me that was like 'don't give up, keep going, you've got this'."