Alex Salmond claims Alba aiming to win 'minimum' of 20 MSPs at 2026 Holyrood election

Alex Salmond has declared the Alba party will win a "minimum" of 20 MSPs at the next Holyrood election in 2026.

The former first minister said it was only his political movement which was offering Scots an "unambiguous" commitment to achieving independence.

Alba launched its general election campaign in Glasgow today but is already looking ahead to the next Scottish Parliament poll in two years' time.

The pro-independence party was launched shortly before the last Holyrood election in 2021 but failed to return any MSPs.

Salmond is now hoping Alba can capitalise on disillusionment among SNP voters who believe progress on independence has stalled.

He said: "It's absolutely clear that 50 per cent of people believe in Scottish independence, but only 30 per cent are prepared to vote SNP. It's that 20 per cent - people who believe in independence, but are looking for a clarion call - that Alba are appealing for.

"That's why we say we are mobilising the independence vote.

"Back 10 years ago at the referendum, turnout in Scotland was 85 per cent. Now we are looking at this election of a turnout in the 60s. That's the vote Alba wants, people who are disillusioned by the lack of progress for independence."

Alba is standing 19 candidates at next month's general election, as well as offering support to independent candidate Angus MacNeil.

Salmond continued: "Every person who puts a cross in the Alba box knows they are voting unambiguously for Scottish independence. And I think our total, come July 5, will surprise many people."

He added: "I will be quite explicit - we intend to take a minimum of 15 per cent of the list vote at the Holyrood elections. That will give us a minimum of 20 seats. We don't know what's going to happen to the other parties, but it's possible that will be the strong left arm of an independence coalition.

"And we will have a block of MSPs in the next Scottish Parliament who will mean it when they say they want Scottish independence, and they want it now."

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