Alex Stein Scuffles with Dan Crenshaw Staff at Texas Republican Convention in Houston

Right-wing comedian and social media personality Alex Stein confronted Congressman Dan Crenshaw at the Texas Republican Party convention in Houston on June 18.

Stein called Crenshaw a “globalist RINO [Republican in name only]” and “eyepatch McCain,” a term coined by media personality Tucker Carlson which refers to the late US Senator John McCain and Crenshaw’s eye covering for an injury he sustained in an IED explosion in Afghanistan.

Stein allegedly assaulted Crenshaw and staff, according to news reports. Stein denied the claim, instead alleging that Crenshaw’s staff assaulted him.

“I just want to make it clear that no one was assaulted today other than myself by Dan Crenshaw’s private police force…the videos clearly prove this fact and more video will be posted in order to exonerate myself and uncover the lies of the legacy media running cover for Dan,” Stein tweeted.

Crenshaw responded to the incident on Twitter saying, “This is what happens when angry little boys like @alexstein99 don’t grow up and can’t get girlfriends…”

Video filmed by Stein’s associate Cassady Campbell shows the confrontation. Credit: Cassady Campbell via Storyful

Video transcript

- So as you see Dan Crenshaw getting off the escalator we approach him start asking them numerous questions about Ukraine, the World Economic Forum, and things like that, and the border. And then there you see his staff and security pushing us out of the way. And then right there that lady trips as she's reaching for Alex Stein. You see this? Watch it right here in the slow-Mo. Look at her. She trips as she's going towards Alex. See, look, she's trying to grab onto him.

This guy's trying to grab onto him and push him. And you're going to see in a second here. Look, at him grab him. Look at this. Absolutely, ri-- and they're both trying to grab his camera. Alex is just trying to hold on to his camera for dear life as you can see. I mean, if both of his hands-- look at this right here. Both of his hands are on his camera. How could Alex assault anyone it's ridiculous. These people from Dan Crenshaw staff are trying to assault Alex Stein. It's ridiculous. The fake news, they're saying that Alex is trying to assault people. I mean, look at it. They broke his little camera stand thing that he was holding on to. Look at this guy here. He falls back because he loses his balance because he couldn't grab Alex's camera. That was their whole goal, to take Alex Stein's camera. They couldn't do it.

Now watch this. They're going to throw him up against the wall. Crenshaw security, his staff-- I mean, Alex is complying the whole time really, but they're being, like, extra aggressive. And, you know, it's crazy that you can't even ask these guys real questions without them being protected. I mean, look at this. They're so worried. So there you go here. We're just talking to some of the people. OK, so he's got him right there. He grabs him by his collar. You're going to see it again. He just grabs them by his collar. Alex Stein's trying to leave the premises. They're saying, "get out, get out." And Alex is going to willfully leave. He's going to go down the escalator, you're going to see in a second. And the fake news tries to say, yeah, look, they're part of the Proud Boys and this and that. Me and Alex Stein have absolutely zero affiliation with the Proud Boys or anybody else. We work for ourselves. That's it.