Alexa Chung’s Birthday: Her Most Stylish Instagram Pics

She’s a fashionista with a firm following, and Alexa Chung just keeps pulling out stylish outfit after stylish outfit on her Instagram feed.

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Whether she’s dressing up in sequins as a “Dior spaceman” or pretending to be a ghost in a floral Valentino creation, Alexa knows how to impress.

As Alexa celebrates her 32nd birthday today, we’re celebrating with her most stylish snaps.

1. Alexa’s Stylish Florals

Copyright [Alexa Chung/Instagram]

“Diamonds are forever (or just for tonight) @bulgariofficial #foreverome dress by @maisonValentino Ps. I walked around the halls of my apt building pretending to be a ghost for a good 15 minutes before I left which was as creepy as it was under appreciated.“

Seriously, could you imagine a more beautiful dress than this?

Alexa wore what is surely the most stylish floral formal gown ever to a Bulgari party in New York in October 2015. Snaps to you, Valentino.

2. Alexa’s Stylish Neutrals

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“Dress by @chloe

If you thought neutrals were bor-ing, think again.

Alexa shows how a pale neutral can look more amazing than all the rainbow put together in this Chloé dress she wore while delving behind the fashion industry in October 2015. Love love love.

3. Alexa’s Stylish Double Denim

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“I got this tuxedo in Canada. JKKKKKK - Double denim definitely ok if it’s #ACFORAG and/or inspired by @mattxhitt #hittjacket, @camillaelphick made the space boots!”

And here’s Alexa proving another fashion faux pas wrong: double denim CAN be stylish, and sexy, and cool. Oh yeah.

She also took the opportunity to big up her collaboration with AG Jeans. Good work. Loving all those shiny buttons to match the space boots.

4. Alexa’s Stylish Shoes

Copyright [Alexa Chung/Instagram]

“Watch @Elleuk on periscope NOW to decide what I wear next! @villoid :-)) xxx @tennesseebunny chose my mod look you get to pick the shoes..”

If you can be sure of one thing, it’s this; Alexa hearts Tabitha Simmons shoes.

She let us choose the shoes on this occasion in September 2015, but we all know which pair Alexa’s pushing.

5. Alexa’s Stylish Hat

Copyright [Alexa Chung/Instagram]

“The house of Mike. @maisonmichel”

Alexa knows good head-wear when she sees it, and she saw it at Parisian hat-maker Maison Michel. Snaps for making a neckerchief look stylish on something other than a canine.

Keep sharing the stylish selfies Alexa, and we’ll keep getting wardrobe envy.

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