Vikings' Alexander Ludwig opens up on wife's miscarriage

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Photo credit: Paras Griffin - Getty Images
Photo credit: Paras Griffin - Getty Images

Alexander Ludwig took to Instagram last week with a statement announcing the sad news that he and his wife Lauren have suffered a third miscarriage.

The Vikings star shared the tragic news, and expressed his admiration of his wife for her strength in the post's caption, which clearly came straight from the heart.

"This woman's strength astounds me every time," he said. "I love you @laurendludwig and your resilience through this just is one more of the countless reasons I love you. All the bumps life throws our way, we got this.

"For anyone else, you're not alone. It's a hell of a lot more normal than I thought."

He also re-posted his wife's lengthy message about miscarriage to remind women who've also suffered miscarriages that they're not alone, and to advocate for the normalisation of discussion around miscarriage.

Lauren said she wasn't sure at first if she would share anything about the miscarriage but "decided we all need to start talking about the truth more".

She explained that she wanted to share, adding: "I want to help others realise how common miscarriages are and how they aren't something to be embarrassed about."

Photo credit: Presley Ann - Getty Images
Photo credit: Presley Ann - Getty Images

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Accompanying the long caption, Alexander also shared a photo of him kissing his other half as she rested in a hospital bed.

Best known for his lead performances in the series Vikings and Starz's new wrestling drama Heels, Alexander is now lining up new projects for the big screen.

The Vikings series has been very popular since it began, with the story beginning at the start of the Viking Age, marked by the Lindisfarne raid. Alexander joined the series in 2013, portraying the teenage Bjorn Ironside, and continued acting in the role for several years.

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