Alfa Romeo to introduce first EV in 2024 as brand set to introduce flurry of new models

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Alfa Romeo is readying a raft of new models, with the first electric model now confirmed for launch in 2024.

Speaking to the PA news agency, the brand’s global CEO Jean-Phillipe Imparato, who joined earlier this year after a stint at Peugeot, confirmed that five new models would launch in the next five years, while also revealing that the introduction of its first battery-electric model would happen in 2024.

The brand’s ‘refuelling’ – as Imparato referred to it – will begin next year with the introduction of the Tonale SUV – a mid-size offering that will rival the likes of the BMW X2 and slot beneath the Stelvio in the range. With a plug-in hybrid set to be offered, that will be the first Alfa Romeo to be electrified, though has been delayed. Imparato says production will commence in March 2022 ahead of June launch, but under the caveat that ‘only if the quality is good enough’.

Alfa Romeo is yet to produce a car that isn’t powered by petrol or diesel (Alfa Romeo)
Alfa Romeo is yet to produce a car that isn’t powered by petrol or diesel (Alfa Romeo)

After this, Imparato confirmed a further four models, including the aforementioned EV in 2024 and a further EV in 2025. By 2027, Alfa Romeo is set to be 100 per cent electric.

Though details of the other models set to launch are thin, Imparato hinted that a smaller B-SUV could be introduced.

“There is the potential to introduce something smaller [than the Tonale] and I’m convinced that the premiumness of our cars is not linked to the size of them. But if I want to put Alfa Romeo on the safe side for the next 10 years, I must be in the biggest segments in the world [which includes the compact B-SUV segment]. It means that if you go into this market, whatever share you have, it will have an immediate effect.”

All Alfa Romeo's models will be electric by 2027

Though Alfa Romeo is now tied to the Stellantis’ network of software and powertrains, Imparato said the Italian marque will be distinguished by its cars’ sportiness and the fact they will remain driver-centric.

“Do we want to send an iPad with a car around or do we want to mandate that the driver is the centre of the experience? For us it will always be the driver. Even if I’m perfectly aware that software and data can enhance an experience and make it safer, this will support the driver. Our cars will remain human-driven and that’s where I will concentrate my energy.”

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