Alfie Boe and Sarah Brightman to release national anthem duet for Jubilee

(left to right) Alfie Boe and Sarah Brightman . (PA)
(left to right) Alfie Boe and Sarah Brightman . (PA)

Alfie Boe and Sarah Brightman are set to release a version of the national anthem, God Save The Queen, in celebration of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

Tenor Boe, 48, and soprano Brightman, 61, worked on the single alongside The NHS Voices of Care Choir and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

“We were approached by record companies to do it together, to launch the single of God Save our Gracious Queen, our national anthem, to celebrate Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee,” Boe, who performed at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee concert in 2012, said on The One Show.

Alfie Boe and Sarah Brightman to release God Save The Queen duet

The regal record will be a double-A-side, with the new duet sung by Boe and Brightman on the A-side and the original recording of God Save The Queen from the Queen’s coronation on the B-side.

The song was first released on LP in 1953 and was then later reissued on CD in 1997.

Brightman also revealed that the single's proceeds will be donated to the British Red Cross, of which the Queen is a patron.

The classical singer said: “It’s for, what I’m told is, one of the Queen’s favourite charities, which is the British Red Cross, which helps people in crisis all over the world. They’re an amazing charity.”

She added: “It’s been such a pleasure to do and we’ve had fun putting it all together with wonderful producers and everybody on the record.”

Speaking to presenters Ronan Keating and Jermaine Jenas, Brightman praised the Queen ahead of the Jubilee celebrations, saying: “What’s so lovely is it’s for an amazing woman who has reigned for so long and done such an amazing job and worked so hard.

“She’s there for us when things are not good and we feel secure with her. In a way she’s the backbone of this country.

“And I feel very, very proud, and I know Alfie does, to be British because of her.”

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The NHS Voices of Care Choir features the voices of health service employees and was originally put together by music producer James Hawkins.

The choir was set up to perform with singer Michael Ball and Captain Sir Tom Moore on their version of You’ll Never Walk Alone, which topped the charts in 2020.

The single is due to be released on May 27 and will be available to download worldwide on iTunes, Amazon Music and across select digital streaming platforms.

You will also be able to pick up a CD single from select UK Asda stores and other retailers.