Alfonso Ribeiro Seems to Be Over the Carlton Dance ... but Not Really

Ever since sharing a gift known as “the Carlton Dance” on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air in the 1990s, Alfonso Ribeiro has been synonymous with the dance that his character, Carlton Banks, used to do to “It’s Not Unusual,” by Tom Jones. But while co-hosting Today’s Take, Ribeiro made it sound as though he may be getting tired of the dance — or at least of being asked to do it in public. Yet somehow, he seems to always do the dance in public.

Alfonso Ribeiro does “the Carlton Dance” with Will Smith and Jaden Smith on The Graham Norton Show. (Photo: The Graham Norton Show)

Shortly after arriving at a restaurant, Ribeiro says, “It’s Not Unusual” began to play, and he thought someone was going to ask him to do the dance — which he did not want to do at the time.

“I walked into this restaurant and I sat down. And literally, 20 seconds after I sat down, they started playing ‘It’s Not Unusual,’ by Tom Jones. And everybody’s like, ‘Aaaaahhhhhh.’ And I’m like, ‘Really? Really? Really?’” Ribeiro recalled.

This comes as a surprise only because Ribeiro seems to do the dance pretty much anywhere. Whether it’s on a TV show like Dancing With the Stars or I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here!, at a multitude of sporting events, or at a bar, Ribeiro seems to enjoy doing the Carlton.

But in this case, Ribeiro lucked out. The owner of the restaurant, who put the song on, didn’t even know who Ribeiro was — he just really likes the song. Only after people called his attention to it did he approach Ribeiro and explain that he hadn’t put the song on expecting to see the Carlton Dance.

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