Alison Hammond shares laughter and support as son Aidan recovers from tonsillectomy in hospital

Alison Hammond and her son Aiden
-Credit: (Image: Getty Images)

Alison Hammond, best-known as a presenter on This Morning, has used social media to show her support for her teenage son Aidan. Aidan recently underwent a tonsillectomy and shared images and videos of his hospital stay with his followers.

Aidan can be seen in his hospital bed in one video, recounting his experience so far, stating that he's "feeling good". He also added, somewhat dismissively: "Dunno what all the fuss is about really. It's fine,".

Another video features a member of the hospital staff demonstrating to Aidan how to use a call button if he needs anything. Alison, in true motherly fashion, tells him he won't need it at the moment because she's there.

As Aidan began to familiarise himself with his surroundings, she reminded him to relax with a caring "just relax, darling".

Maintaining a relaxed attitude, Aidan responded saying "I'm relaxed man! I'm good," which prompted a quip from a doctor present in the room who retorted: "If he was any more laid back he'd be head down," causing Alison to break out in laughter, reports Wales Online.

Amidst the joviality, another clip showed Aidan lying back in bed with his eyes closed, humming a tune, which caused his mum to chuckle again. Responding to her laughter, Aidan asked, "Are you laughing at me? " Alison replied affectionately: "You're making me laugh, babe," before asking him if the humming was helping or soothing for him.

Aidan continued his humming without giving an answer.

Aidan shared the humorous videos on Instagram and captioned his post: "Aidan 1 - tonsils 0 and Me high as a [kite emoji]," which prompted a flurry of responses from celebrity friends. Alison Hammond showed her concern with "My poor baby," accompanied by a love heart eyes emoji.

Loose Women's Frankie Bridge cheered him on, commenting: "Amazing," while This Morning's makeup artist Bryony Blake exclaimed: "Brilliant! ! ! " Good Morning Britain's Alex Beresford chimed in with some advice: "Yup 2 weeks of pain and a show with at least 10 seasons. Not sure Poldark is @aidanhammond555 thing but it got me through."

The Only Way Is Essex star Amy Childs also sent her well wishes, saying: "So funny. Get well soon Aidan."