Alleged drunk driver smashes car into shop injuring customers at checkout counter in Thailand

This is the shocking moment a drunk driver smashed a car into a shop when two tourists stood at the checkout counter.

The vehicle was being driven by a Chinese tourist when it lost control on the road outside the grocery store in Phuket, Thailand, last Wednesday (March 11) morning.

CCTV footage shows the couple paying at the checkout counter when the silver Toyota Innova suddenly ploughed into the shop through the glass.

The couple and another customer were knocked over to the ground and pinned between the car's bumper and a row of shelves.

A passenger was then seen stepping out of the vehicle to check.

The three injured shoppers were taken to hospital to be treated and none of them suffered serious injuries. Officers later arrived at the scene.

Police corporal Phichit Natthachai from the Kamala district police station in Phuket said they found several empty beer cans in the car.

He added: ''The couple were injured but not seriously. There was another Thai man standing next to them in the shop who was also injured.

''The driver was arrested on suspicion of causing an accident due to driving under the influence and he was later charged.

''He is a Chinese tourist. The cost of the damage to the shop and the medical costs of the innocent injured people will be settled with the insurance.''