Alligator Hands, Fried Cockroaches And Bear Curry: Japanese Restaurant Serves Up World’s Weirdest Menu

Alligator hands at Chinjuya in Japan/@noge_chinjuya Twitter

It’s a menu which wouldn’t be too out of place among the hungry insect-munching stars of I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here.

But even the urine-drinking Bear Grylls or Man Vs Food host Adam Richman might balk at the delicacies being offered by one wacky Japanese restaurant.

In what must be one of the world’s weirdest menus, Chinjuya, which literally translates as ‘rare beast monger’, cooks up alligator hands, fried cockroaches and whole chicks for diners in Yokohama City, which lies just south of Tokyo. 

Moth larvae at Chinjuya/@noge_chinjuya Twitter

Boiled pig brains at Chinjuya/@noge_chinjuya Twitter

Edible mealworm at Chinjuya/@noge_chinjuya Twitter

Clearly proud of his restaurant’s more unusual delicacies, chef Fukuoka regularly keeps its Twitter page updated with all the latest specialities which wouldn’t look out of place at the beginning of Indiana Jones’s journey to the Temple Of Doom.

Moth larvae is described as ‘like French fries,’ while braised pig and penis cooked with garlic and ginger is apparently ‘very delicious.’ 

Diners are also urged to book their tables ‘early’ for a taste of ‘sashimi sea lion and ginger soy sauce.’

Pig brain stew at Chinjuya/@noge_chinjuya Twitter

Bear meat curry at Chinjuya/@noge_chinjuya Twitter

Whole roasted chicks at Chinjuya/@noge_chinjuya Twitter

Pig penis and testicles stew at Chinjuya/@noge_chinjuya Twitter

And if it seems that moth larvae, boiled pig brains and deep-fried piranha fish might be a stretch too far for Japanese diners, think again.

Apparently brave foodies are flocking to the restaurant, which has been open for six years.

But the unique dining experience doesn’t come cheap. 

A roasted frog will set you back £62 buys you roasted frog, while deep fried  salamander costs a whopping £132.

Piranha fish at Chinjuya/@noge_chinjuya Twitter

Dolphin fin sashimi at Chinjuya/@noge_chinjuya Twitter