Alpine unveils range-topping A110 R with new ‘track-focused’ approach

Alpine has unveiled its range-topping A110 R, bringing more focus and a 180mph top speed to the French sports car.

The R – standing for ‘radical’ – will sit above the entry-level A110, as well as the mid-range GT and sporty S models as the most powerful car made by Alpine..

Although it retains the same 1.8-litre 296bhp engine as the S, significant work has been put into cutting weight and as such the R tips the scales at 1,082kg – 34kg lighter than the S.

Alpine has made significant weight savings in the cabin, with the R kitted out with a stripped-back racing-inspired interior that helps to shave further bulk. . Racing features include a six-point racing harnesses, lightweight carbon-fibre fixed seats and pull straps in lieu of door handles.


The car’s shape has also been tweaked to maximise aerodynamic performance with the latest addition to the line-up given a new bonnet, rear window and diffuser.

The pursuit of performance also sees the R’s ride height dropped by 10mm compared to the S. It’s also fitted with adjustable hydraulic suspension which allows the car to lower a further 10mm for ‘ultimate on-track experience’.


The end result is a car that can reach 60mph in just 3.7 seconds before maxing out at an impressive top speed of 177mph. Stopping power is then supplied by upgraded 320mm composite brake discs.

Pricing has not been revealed but the R is expected to cost more than £70,000.

Alpine has not confirmed whether the latest model will be its last petrol-powered car before it switches to all-electric powertrains.