You Alright, Mate? Rainbow Lorikeets Investigate Silent Lookalike Toy

Two wild rainbow lorikeets chirped loudly to try communicating with a fuzzy toy lookalike in Sydney, Australia, on December 25.

Reddit user u/souleh filmed a video that showed two inquisitive rainbow lorikeets cheep at a perfect toy replica of them.

u/souleh said he got several pairs of lorikeets to visit him daily and sing loudly until they were paid attention. “These two are very concerned when their new friend fails to answer their squawks,” u/souleh told Storyful.

“(They are) Extremely playful, inquisitive and sometimes mischievous, I’m very lucky to have them drop in most days to yell hello.”

Rainbow lorikeets are Australian native animals that can be found in eastern and northern Australia, and also around Perth. Credit: u/souleh via Storyful