14 Things That Have Gotten So Expensive People Still Can't Believe It

The cost of living is wild right now. The prices of just about everything have gone up. Even knowing this, there are specific items that will never fail to surprise us with their cost. People on Reddit shared things that have gotten so expensive that the price surprises them every time they buy. Here is what some people shared:

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Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity


1."Car batteries. I bought one back in 2017 for like $125. I bought one back in November and my eyes almost popped out of my head—$378."

hands working on the battery of a car
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2."Getting something framed. It's always way more insanely priced than I remember."


3."I looked at a magazine while standing in the grocery store check out. The magazine was $15!"

person reading magazines in store
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4."I went to Jack in the Box the other day. Three sandwiches were $5 each. Expensive, but fine, whatever. Got some fries too. I got to the window and it was over $30. The fries were $5 each, too. WTF. They weren't even good."


5."Deodorant! It’s over $8."

a person holding deodorant in a store

6."Sanitary pads."


7."Potato chips. I’ve lost ten pounds. My doctor says that inflation is the best thing that could have happened to me. No joke."

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8."I went to buy those small black rubber bands for your hair and couldn’t find any under $4. They used to be 99 cents!"


9."Old Subway commercial was $5 footlong. $15 footlong doesn’t quite have the same jingle to it."


10."Concert tickets. When I go to buy them, I don’t."

crowd at a concert
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11."Peanut butter was $9 yesterday for one of the larger Jif jars, but I remember them being $5 the last time I was at the store to buy it. "


12."I went to make a birthday cake for my father-in-law and realized my vanilla bean paste (the good stuff — Nelson-Massey) expired in 2018, so it was probably time for a new one. It still had a William Sonoma price tag on it for $12.95. I went back to William Sonoma to get a new one: and it was $36!"


13."'Cheap' hotels and restaurants. With the cheapest meals available, it costs $200 per day to travel alone now, and that's staying in fleabag hotels where being robbed if I go outside is a real possibility."

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14."Bras are freaking insane. They’re not something you can cheap out on. I lost weight recently and had to replace my bras. I wanted to cry."


Is there an item that is so expensive it surprises you anytime you buy it? If so, share it with me in the comments below!