Alyssa Milano says we need to 'destigmatize' medication for mental health in the same way we have 'with Botox'

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Alyssa Milano has no shame in how she manages her mental health.

The Charmed alum took to TikTok on Tuesday to respond to a follower’s not-so-kind comment, which asked Milano if she took “her medication” today.

Milano responded, “First of all, no I did not forget to take my medication. I take my medication every day. I have anxiety with complex PTS [post-tramautic stress], and panic disorder. So, I take my medicine, because I like to just be functional.”

She continued, “I think it’s time we destigmatize medication for mental health, like we’ve destigmatized, I don’t know, say, Botox?”

Followers applauded Milano’s candor in the comments section. One wrote, “Love your response. I have no shame that I need meds for my anxiety and other issues. It helps me function and be independent.”

Another added, “So true! Love and light to you. Thank you for sharing your truth.”

The Insatiable star, an advocate for the #MeToo movement, has been open about her mental health journey. In her 2020 essay for TIME, she wrote about experiencing debilitating anxiety after giving birth to her son Milo, detailing how she developed “irrational and obsessive fears” for the first time as a new mom. Eventually, she wrote, she decided to check herself into a mental health facility for three days, where she found “angels” in her psychiatrist and therapist.

“Here’s the thing about mental illnesses: you don’t always look sick, and the answers are not always clear or black-and-white,” she wrote in her essay. “But we should not confront these challenges by placing more hurdles in front of Americans who desperately need the care. I was lucky enough to have the means and the insurance to get the help and support I needed. What happens to those mothers who don’t have the kind of support I received?”

Milano previously spoke about her mental health struggle after her pregnancy during her 2018 appearance on The View.

"I needed help," she said. "People just kept telling me, 'You're fine. Go for a hike. It's a big change having a baby.' And I knew I wasn't OK."

Now, Milano is in a much better place — and taking her medication is one way she's managed to get there.

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