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‘Am I getting laid off?’: After mass layoffs, TikTokers become paranoid over imaginary red flags

One woman’s constant fear of losing her job is resonating deeply on social media after she posted a brutally honest TikTok of a recent scare she had at work.

In the video, a woman named Jaymo (@jaymofiasco) sits behind her desk and nervously asks a question of her followers: “Am I getting laid off? Or is the internet just down?”

Zooming into her computer, it appears that Jaymo has, in fact, lost connection with the internet. But of course, that alone isn’t reason enough to assume she’s being fired.

Next, she does a close-up on a half-eaten donut she got for free in the break room — something she was initially excited about but is now growing skeptical of.

“Are they giving us donuts just because?” she asks suspiciously. Or, she wonders, are the donuts only there to soften the blow of an upcoming team meeting on her calendar — during which she assumes she’ll be fired?

“ummmm…what’s going on?” @jaymofiasco asks in her caption. “I just got this job so let’s hope this isn’t anythjnf serious lololol.”

Luckily, her fears were soon proven wrong. The internet glitch turned out to be temporary, and the vague “Team Update” she was invited to last minute turned out to be nothing. (In the end, Jaymo later wrote in a comment that it easily could have been an email, but because of her nerves, she couldn’t even bring herself to finish her donut.)

That said, the panic Jaymo felt over potentially losing her job was very real, and in light of all the layoffs happening across multiple industries right now, it wasn’t even that far-fetched.

In the comments, dozens of people empathized with her.

“Nothing like a ‘quick meeting’ to give you an instant panic attack,” one TikToker wrote.

“Why is this me too?!?!?” another person said.

Plenty of people shared similar scenarios that also put them on edge at work.

“My boss out of the blue the other day asked if I could take a call with him,” one person wrote. “turns out it was just to tell me about my bonus but Jesus.”

“This happened to me and the meeting was to let us know a team member died,” another person shared. “I felt like a monster for being relieved.”

Of course, not all of these stories end the same way. In fact, a lot of people have been using TikTok lately to vent about their own layoffs, which are hitting even large and well-established companies like Disney, Google, Twitter and Meta. Coming clean about this soul-crushing yet all-too-common work experience has become something of a “thing” on TikTok — an unexpected trend that has people opening up like never before.

Many are even sharing “day-in-the-life” videos after getting laid off, which serve as both humbling and inspiring video diaries.

Others have used their layoff videos as a sad but true reminder that the corporate world ultimately cares about no one and that a job really is just a job at the end of the day.

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