Amanda Holden and Ashley Roberts go head to head in Pancake Day race

Katie Rosseinsky

Amanda Holden and Ashley Roberts got into the spirit of Pancake Day by taking part in a pancake flipping race.

The Heart radio stars were challenged to the race by their colleague Jamie Theakston, who suggested that Pussycat Dolls star Roberts, 38, could represent the USA, while Holden, 49, would compete for the UK.

“It is pancake day and to celebrate I’ve challenged Amanda and Ashley to compete in a pancake flipping race outside across the square outside the studio, live,” he told listeners.

“Whoever loses has to make me pancakes this morning just how I like them.”

Flipping stressful: Holden and Roberts tried their best (Heart)

Holden and Roberts were each given a frying pan and a pancake, and had to run a short distance while flipping the crepe over and over again.

Stepping into a new role as commentator, Theakston joked that his colleagues both got off to a “terrible start.”

Holden almost immediately “lost her pancakes” prompting her to fall “well behind” while Roberts managed to sprint ahead.

America wins the inaugural pancake tossing competition,” Theakston announced as a proud Roberts celebrated her victory.

“As a sporting spectacle it wasn’t much to watch,” he added.

Holden shared a video of the duo practising their flips on Instagram, jokingly branding their battle “the most talked about contest since #Tysonfury v #deotaywilder [sic].”

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