One small step for Amanda Holden, one giant leap for stupidity

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One small step for Amanda Holden, one giant leap for stupidity

What planet is she on?

Amanda Holden should have done a bit more research  – because her interview with Tim Peake wasn’t exactly stellar viewing – in fact she looked a bit of a lunar-tic.

She asked him if hd “piece of the moon” back to Earth with him – despite him never setting foot on it.

The 46-year-old TV presenter was unsure whether the astronaut, who spent six months at the International Space Station last year, would be able to answer the question in case it made him sound “naughty”, but she was unaware he hadn’t actually been to the moon.

Speaking on This Morning – which she was co-hosting alongside Ben Shephard – she asked: “The question I would like to ask, and I don’t know if you would be allowed to answer it, really, because it might be a naughty thing, is, ‘Did you take a piece of the moon and bring it back home with you?’ ”

He replied: “I wasn’t on the moon, I was only in the Space Station.”

Amanda Holden and Ben Shephard interviewing Tim Peake on This Morning

Amanda then said: “So you never got off? And there was never anything floating about that you could steal?”

But Tim insisted he hadn’t been able to take any space-related souvenirs home with him because NASA were “very strict” about those sorts of antics.

He added: “I did get asked a brilliant question from a young lad who said, ‘Did you bring back any souvenirs from the Space Station?’

“I thought, ‘What a wonderful idea to go up there and bring back something.’ But no, everything is very strictly controlled.”

Amanda Holden made a research faux pas

Some This Morning viewers were left baffled by Amanda’s question.

One tweeted: “Did Amanda Holden really just ask Tim Peake if he brought some of the moon back with him after he landed on it? (sic)”

Another wrote: “Cringing for Amanda Holden asking @astro_timpeake if he took anything when he landed on the moon (sic)”

But he did reveal some gruesome facts about space life.

When asked by Ben what the most disgusting thing about living in space was, Tim replied: “Because we don’t use our feet to walk, so we feel no pressure on our feet, all the dead skin on your feet completely sheds off.”

If Tim had stepped on the moon he would have been the first person to do so since Eugene Cernan in 1972.

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