Amanda Holden confiscates 16-year-old daughter’s ‘skimpy’ clothes and wears them herself

Amanda Holden confiscates 16-year-old daughter’s ‘skimpy’ clothes and wears them herself

Amanda Holden has admitted to confiscating her 16-year-old daughter’s “skimpy” clothing and wearing it herself.

The Britain’s Got Talent judge revealed that she had seized a revealing top off her 16-year-old daughter, Alexa, which she intends to wear herself.

“There’s this sequinned . . . I wouldn’t even call it a bikini top,” she told The Sun. “My daughter’s 16!

“I went, ‘No, you’re not wearing that to Reading Festival, but Mummy can have it.’ So Mummy’s got it, and waiting for a moment to wear it.”

Holden added: “It just about covers the bits up top that you would expect it to cover, but it was definitely not for my daughter. In two years, she can have it back.”

While many teenagers would shudder at the prospect of their mum stealing their clothing, Holden insisted that both her daughters and husband were supportive of her fashion choices.

“My husband is always really encouraging and says, ‘Get your legs out,’” she said.

“And Lexi is really good at styling. She’s got a good eye, so she often puts outfits together for me or says, ‘Don’t wear that, wear this.’

“They’ve grown up with it, so I don’t think they look at my age, particularly. She’s never told me to get changed. Not that I would listen.”

The news comes after Holden revealed daughter Alexa had become “obsessed” with the reality TV show Love Island.

“This is becoming a bit of an obsession with my teenage daughter at home now,” she said in June. “She's never taken one scrap of interest in Love Island and now she’s all over it.”

Holden admitted she worried that her eldest daughter might want to join the line-up in a few years, after Michael Owen’s daughter entered Casa Amor over the summer.

“It worries me slightly knowing Michael Owen’s daughter is on it,” she said.

“And I’m like, ‘You ain’t ever going on it, Alexa!’”